Pick Your Own - Open

The main strawberry season has now finished, however, we now have a later crop available - currently easy picking. We were very fortunate to have an exceptionally long strawberry picking season this year, having started on the 1st June! 

In addition to the Pick Your Own, we also have lots of our own produce currently being harvested. All of the following is available to buy in the Farm Shop (but not available for picking, with the exception of rhubarb and sweetcorn): 

  • Bunched carrots - Orange & Purple
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage - Pointed, Primo & Savoy
  • Cavolo nero
  • Courgettes
  • Kale - Green & Red
  • Marrows
  • Rhubarb
  • Runner beans
  • Spring greens
  • Sprout tops
  • Sweetcorn

Please keep an eye on this page or our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media pages for updates. Please see our FAQ section below, which you may find useful.

To see an 'at a glance' status table of all our PYO crops, please scroll further down the page. 

For details on how to find us, please click here.

Pick Your Own - FAQ's

What are the opening times?

Monday – Saturday: 9:00am-5:00pm (last admission is 5:00pm)

Sundays & Bank Holidays: 10:00am-3:30pm (last admission is 3:30pm)

Please note, this is subject to change according to weather or crop availability.

How can I find you?

For details on how to find us please click here.

Do I need to book in advance?

No, we do not take bookings unless you are in a large group ie, a school visit.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge to enter the PYO, you pay by weight at the hut before leaving. Please see the table below for current prices.

Do you accept debit/credit cards?

We accept both debit and credit cards.

Can we use our own containers?

Yes, just ask the staff to weigh them before you start picking.

Do you supply containers?

Yes, we do supply containers.

How can I find out what produce is available to pick?

For a full list of what is currently available for picking, please see the table below. We also post updates on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Where can I find the various crops for picking?

Our staff at the PYO will point you in the right direction for the particular crop you are picking.

Can I eat the fruit while I pick?

We’re happy for you to sample one or two pieces of fruit but then everything else must be weighed and paid for before eating. Many PYO farms have gone out of business due to people not respecting the honesty system of not eating the fruit before paying.

How much can I pick?

You can pick as much or as little as you like, but you will need to pay for everything you pick. Please do not pick fruit and then abandon it before paying, it causes unnecessary waste and is unfair on other customers who may not be able to pick their own fruit as a result.  If you are worried about over picking, please ask staff beforehand for a cost estimate of what your container will hold.

What is the best way to pick a strawberry?

For maximum shelf life try to avoid handling the red flesh. Instead, pinch the stalk off between your thumbnail and forefinger. Leave the stalks in until just before serving. As with all fruits, pick only ripe ones – they taste better!

Is fruit suitable for freezing?

Raspberries, blackcurrants and blackberries are all suitable for freezing. Strawberries can be frozen but they will lose all their texture once thawed. However, they can still be used to make sauces, jams and smoothies etc.

What should I wear?

We are a working farm and care should be taken on uneven surfaces. Please wear suitable footwear such as trainers or outdoor boots in dry conditions and wellington boots when it’s wet as the fields can be muddy. It is also advisable for children to wear long sleeved and long-legged clothing to protect against scratches and stings.

Can we walk anywhere on the crops?

No, for your health and safety please only stick to the areas you have been directed to for picking.

Can I get a pram/wheelchair in the fields?

Pram or wheelchair access is possible, however, please be aware that adverse weather conditions may affect accessibility.

Is parking available?

We have plenty of free parking available on the PYO. Please ensure that you do not leave valuables in your car. Stanhill Farm cannot accept any liability to any customers or other visitors or their children for theft or damage (however caused) to vehicles or their possessions whilst in the car park.

Can I bring a picnic?

We are happy for you to bring a picnic to the farm but ask that you eat it on the picnic tables provided by the hut – not in the fields or car park.

Do you have a cafe onsite? 

​We are pleased to announce the launch of Sohpie's Tea Tent - new for Summer 2019! Sophie is open every day from 10:30am - 5:30pm through until Sunday 22nd September, serving tea, scones, cakes, ice creams (including Solley's Kentish soft scoop) cold drinks, crisps and cookies. Plenty of seating is available, both indoors and outdoors.

Do you have toilets?

Yes, we have one portaloo and one disabled portaloo.

Do you have baby changing facilities?

No, not at present.

When is the best time to visit?

The busiest times are during the school holidays and at weekends. We advise people to arrive early to get the best pick of fruit.

Do you keep lost property?

Any lost property that is found will be kept until the end of the season. Please email us with a full description of the lost item and we will get back to you.

Can I bring my dog?

No, we do not allow dogs anywhere on the farm.

Do I need to wash the fruit?

Yes, we recommend that you do wash the fruit before eating.

Do you welcome coach parties?

Only for pre-booked school visits and not at weekends.

Do you do children’s parties?

No, unfortunately at present we don’t have the staff or facilities available.

Why can’t I get an answer on your office phone number?

We are a small family business and during the busy season we are all working on the farm. If your request is urgent, please leave a message on our answerphone and we will endeavour to call you back as soon as possible. Alternatively, please email: info@stanhillfarm.co.uk

Please note:

  • Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • All rubbish must be removed from the farm.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry and to remove people from the farm.
  • Thieves will be prosecuted.
Pick Your Own: 
Crop NameSeason (Approximate)PricePicking Status
Strawberries June - September£4.95 per kgEasy picking
Raspberries June - October £11.00 per kgEasy picking
SweetcornAugust - October 40p each/3 for £1.00Easy picking
Baby sweetcornAugust - OctoberNot this year
Runner beans July - October£3.50 per kgLate in the season, need to search for good ones
Tomatoes - RedAugust - SeptemberAlmost ready, need more time to ripen
PumpkinsOctober Half Term - Pumpkin PatchPumpkin Patch opens in October
Tomatoes - BlackAugust - SeptemberAlmost ready, need more time to ripen
Tomatoes - Green (for chutney)August - September Almost ready, need more time to ripen
BlackberriesJune - August Season finished
Broad BeansJuly - AugustSeason finished
BeetrootJuly - AugustSeason finished
SunflowersAugust - SeptemberNot this year, unable to plant them in time
Red & BlackcurrantsJuly - AugustSeason finished
RhubarbJune - September£3.00 per kgEasy picking