About Us

Stanhill Farm's 150 acres are managed by brothers Toby and Max Williams and are ideally located just 17 miles from the centre of London, making it one of the capitals most local farms.

The Farm harvests wheat and a number of different fruit and vegetables; around 20-30 varieties each year. 

As you arrive in the farm yard you will see our shop, which is stocked full of produce, some from our own and neighbouring farms and others brought back from Spitalfield market offering a great selection of items.

When the brothers took over Stanhill back in 2004 the farm was producing cabbage for Waitrose, Runner beans and courgettes for the wholesale trade and had only a small Pick Your Own. Over the next few years it was decided to move away from the supermarkets and concentrate on the wholesale market. The Pick Your Own was developed further and a produce box delivery service was introduced.

With customers' asking for fresh produce after the Pick Your Own had finished for the season, an honesty box was created. This enabled them to come to the farm, select the produce they required then tally up and leave the money in a box. Word soon spread and the popularity of the honesty box swiftly grew, so on the 1st October 2009 the Stanhill Farm Shop was launched. With its fresh local produce including local cheeses, fresh bread, and free range eggs, together with great support from the local community it has become a growing success.

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